16 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self… And Maybe Even Now.

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16 Lessons from 16 Years of Existence

I have collated a list of things I have learned through life- written loosely, as they have deeper meanings for me than they appear but are also reminders for you- which you may interpret and weave into your own lives.

  1. Some people will never be happy for you but that ought to not stop you from being happy yourself.
  2. You are more than enough and if people fail to see that, then they are simply ignorant.
  3. Stop doubting yourself and start believing. Just try and see what happens, all while you keep striving for your goals.
  4. Worry less, a plan is already in motion. I repeat, worry less.
  5. You’re handwriting is still a mess, even after years of writing.
  6. If what others say is unconstructive, it truly has no means to affect you.
  7. Pain is transient. So is life, so enjoy and savour it.
  8. Do what makes you content- be that reading at a restaurant or singing totally out of tune, without worrying what others will say.
  9. Most haven’t a care about what you do. But some do.
  10. You don’t need an excuse sometimes.
  11. Don’t depend on others for your happiness- search within.
  12. You are not alone. You have loving people who truly care about you. (Thank you to all those beauties.)
  13. Remember God is always present and ‘closer to you than your jugular vein.’
  14. Your book box was never going to have enough room for all the books you have now.
  15. I know you wished to be a princess when you were younger but don’t let anyone rule over you even if you are no monarch.
  16. Carrying on being you and don’t you dare stop. I also love you. x

Thank you to the support I receive from the lovely people in my life Elhumdulliah- I would tell your younger selves how much they have supported another’s life, in ways they know not.

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Filza Chaudhry

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ShanShan Guo

Mary Reding Shonka, M.A., Ph.D. Student




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Ruqayyah Ali

Ruqayyah Ali

The loud writer x Avid reader | Love not Hate | A Voice to Aid | Writing is a tool to be treasured | “For indeed, with hardship [will be] ease.”~ Quran 94:5