#Day 8- 28 Days of Joy

Photo by everdrop GmbH on Unsplash

Day 8

Do something good for the environment, and do a clean-up; be that on the beach or around town- see how much you can pick up- and don’t forget to recycle. You could organize this with a group too.


I have decided to post daily for the whole of February, sharing a little something with you everyday, in order to share and embrace happiness, joy, self-love and more. A bit like a calendar- I hope it helps you all. Let me know of questions you may have x



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Ruqayyah Ali

Ruqayyah Ali

The loud writer x Avid reader | Love not Hate | A Voice to Aid | Writing is a tool to be treasured | “For indeed, with hardship [will be] ease.”~ Quran 94:5