The Way of Life

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It’s not a simple path but that’s okay

Life is a beautiful thing that has its ups and downs; without them, it wouldn’t be the same. Sometimes life is joyous, with success and happiness and it feels great. Other times, it can be tough, where faults seem to lie everywhere and a way out of it seems nonexistent but there is always a way. Even if it seems too far, too tough, too impossible to grasp, it’s there- goodness lies in places we don’t expect sometimes but it’s there.

Life is not a straight line, without dips or curves- it’s a meandering, bumpy ride, but that’s the beauty of it. Life wouldn’t be life, without it. Take a heart monitor, for example, it’s a line that goes up and down and is never straight, as long as you are alive. So live your life to the full- find the silver linings and glimmers of hope, that spill through the cracks that try to break us. We are not broken. You are not broken. You are a beautiful being, with strength (that comes physically, emotionally and mentally) and while our lives are not perfect, it doesn’t mean they are not worth it. In lieu, make the most of your life because there is a lot of goodness in it- if we just take a moment to realize and appreciate those good things; that makes life all the more wonderful and something better-than-perfect. Something we can call our own.

This is your life- make it wonderful- make it yours.

I wish to say thank you to Sophia Joffrin, for making my life that little bit more better-than-perfect and for all the support she has gifted to me. I wish for your life to also be better-than-perfect. x



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Ruqayyah Ali

Ruqayyah Ali

The loud writer x Avid reader | Love not Hate | A Voice to Aid | Writing is a tool to be treasured | “For indeed, with hardship [will be] ease.”~ Quran 94:5