Why the crisis in Palestine is not a political one

Photo by Latrach Med Jamil on Unsplash

Why is it when Muslims face injustices, there is no light shed upon it or they are regarded as unimportant?

For many years, Palestine and Gaza have been suffering injustices as the Zionists and Israeli people cause terror- disrupting the lives of these people. This is only political to a certain degree, only because it is an issue over land the rest is pain and more so recently: murder.

But it seems the world is turning a blind eye on the events in Palestine and Gaza; this is not just about politics, it is about real, human lives- that matter as much as any one else's. Okay, there is a problem with land and this may be causing conflict but the fact innocent civilians are getting killed is immoral and simply wrong. And the fact Western countries are not saying much hurts.

The Palestinians, as well as every one else hold the right to live a life without fear but some Israelis are disrupting the Palestinians, not only in the streets but also in their places of worship, i.e. the Al-Aqsa mosque. If people come into-say- a Church or school, and carried out the same kind of recklessness, it would be condemned in an instant but here, where Muslims pray, it is ignored. Why? Because they don’t see Muslims’ lives as important. What tyranny. How can we be content with life when our own are getting killed and hurt-how can we?

The ones claiming this is a political problem are completely ignorant- when innocent lives are taken, how is that something to do with politics. This is a humanitarian problem- we cannot just pick and choose whose rights we prioritise- what happened to equality and looking after your neighbours. You do not need to be a Muslim or Palestine to care- you have to be human to care and one thing that I am sure is, is that. That we also have a collective responsibility to help others and be there for them, regardless of who they happen to be.

So, please educate yourselves and others because first people need to know about this and second, stand up for Palestine and show you care because this is important. These are peoples’ lives. x



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Ruqayyah Ali

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